The Law Firm of Adv. Dagmara Broniewicz offers legal assistance in the following areas:

Civil Law, and in particular

  • claims for payment,
  • Contract Law,
  • cases on improper contract performance,
  • compensation for traffic accidents or medical malpractice,
  • anti-enforcement suits,
  • complaints for bailiff actions,
  • eviction and protection of residents,
  • confirmation of inheritance acquisition,
  • legitimate portions,
  • division of inheritance,
  • dissolution of co-ownership and division of immovable property,
  • establishment of right-of-way,
  • establishment of easement,
  • management of jointly possessed property,
  • usucaption of property.

Family Law, and in particular

  • child and spousal support,
  • divorce,
  • legal separation,
  • separate property regime and division of matrimonial property,
  • child visitation rights,
  • parental authority,
  • legal incapacitation,
  • paternity cases,
  • residence order cases, as well as care and guardianship ones.

Criminal Law, and in particular

  • defending the Client in all types of proceedings and at all stages of criminal proceedings,
  • legal assistance after the judgment becomes final, in e.g. filing applications for postponement of execution of sentence, a break in the execution of sentence, conditional early release or an aggregate sentence,
  • representing the aggrieved party by e.g. drawing up and filing a notice of offence, appealing against decisions to discontinue or not to initiate an investigation or inquiry,
  • preparation of private prosecution documents,
  • representing the subsidiary prosecutor in court.

Labour Law, and in particular

  • advice on matters of employment relationships and all relating to such,
  • participation in negotiations and litigation between the parties to an employment relationship,
  • job reinstatement,
  • compensation for unlawful dismissal,
  • payment of outstanding remuneration,
  • disciplinary penalties,
  • mobbing.

Administrative Law, and in particular

  • drawing up pleadings,
  • representation during administrative proceedings.


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