The fee is negotiated individually with each Client, and according to their needs, before the case is placed in our hands. It is payable in advance, but in some cases it is possible to split the due fee into convenient instalments.
The Firm uses the following methods of determining the fee amount:

Lump-sum Remuneration

This is the most frequent method of payment, commonly used by both businesses and individual clients. In the case of regular legal services the fee is based on a fixed monthly rate established in the agreement, the amount of which is dependent on a given Client’s needs. Whereas the fee for a single, individual order is charged as a one-time lump sum. The scope of actions covered by the lump-sum fee is always specified in the agreement, and its amount is independent of the duration of the ordered service(s).

Hourly-rate Remuneration

Another option is an hourly-rate payment calculated on the basis of the amount of time devoted to handling a given Client’s case. This solution is directed primarily at entities that are in need of constant legal service but of varying scope. Remuneration in this form is calculated according to the number of working hours in a specified billing period. At the end of the billing period the Client receives an invoice together with a detailed list of actions taken and time spent on them.

Success Fee

This type of remuneration is used most often in compensation cases. As a rule, a success fee does not constitute the full remuneration amount by itself, as it is always combined with a lump-sum fee, which in such cases is significantly lower. In the event of the Firm winning the case for the Client or achieving the effect desired by them, an additional amount is added to the lump-sum fee – usually a percentage the amount awarded in the judgment.

Legal Advice, Letters, Agreements, Legal Opinions

The cost of legal advice is determined in advance as a lump sum, depending on the complexity of the matter at hand. The cost of a standard advice service is PLN 150 plus VAT. In the event of placing in our hands a case on which some advice had already been provided by the Firm, the fee for such advice shall be credited to the fee due for leading that case. The amount of the fee to be paid for the preparation of a pleading (a lawsuit, an appeal, a claim) is usually set in advance and depends on the complexity of a particular matter, the time frame for the document(s) to be prepared and the possible necessity to analyse case files held by the Court. Similar rules are applied in determining the fee to be paid for drawing up draft agreements and legal opinions.


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